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Anello’s Torchlite land was bought on a homestead act from the government in 1887. It was on a road called the Military Wagon Trail, which is now highway 29-47-55-22 and Green Bay Street. The first building construction was in 1889, which was a Ford car garage. In 1897, it bacame one of the first restaurants, called The Continental. It has been reconstructed and added onto many times. During the Roaring 20s, it was a bar and restaurant, and the upstairs was a house of ill repute. It had the nickname of “Dinty Moore”, after a very colorful cartoon character.

It was one of Al Capone and John Dillinger’s favorite stops between Chicago and Hurley or Eagle River. Often a local lady by the name Evelyn Frechette and Dillinger would meet at Dinty Moore’s (or The Continental). She was famously known in history as the “Lady In Red”.

The name Continental became Club Continental, and stayed with the place until 1969 when it became the Bavarian Inn. The decor and the cuisine was then Bavarian and German American. In 1981, it became Anello’s Torchlite with Italian and American cuisine. Even now it is considered a very colorful place – one of a kind.

The wait staff and the bartenders wear sequin vests. The vests – uniforms and the table decor of the place change 10 times a year in conjunction with the season and holidays. The restaurant is known for its excellent food – homemade soups, fresh baked breads, plus a 21 item salad bar, not to mention the best looking, best dressed, most sassy wait staff in Wisconsin….not to leave out the flashy dressed chef, Tom. Wow!

The staff of Anello’s Torchlite welcomes you to Shawanaw County, and we hope you enjoy your meal.

Rita Anello (owner)

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